Top 10 Natural Ways to Lower or Raise Blood Sugar for People with Diabetes

The best natural vitamins are found in curry leaves. They are known to keep blood sugar levels in check. When mixed with fenugreek and cinnamon seeds, they help cells take in more glucose.

Blackberries are thought to be one of the best home treatments for diabetes. There is a lot of jamboline and jambosine in these seeds.

A lot of glucomannan fibre can be found in fenugreek seeds, also known as methi seeds. This fibre helps slow down the intake of sugar in the intestines.

Antioxidants are very strong in Indian gooseberries, also known as amla. There are many great home treatments for high blood sugar, but Amla is one of the best. Because they are high in vitamin C, amla has been used for a long time to boost the immune system.

Okra, sometimes called ladyfinger or bhindi, is full of healthy nutrients like fibre, vitamins, and minerals. A low-glycemic index diet is one that is low in calories.

Although the results of apple cider vinegar as a home cure for type 2 diabetes are subjective, it is commonly regarded as the best option.

An aromatic spice with a long and storied past, cinnamon may help with diabetes control. Its one-of-a-kind qualities make it a go-to for holistic healing.

Numerous health benefits, especially for those coping with diabetes, are offered by oats, which are frequently praised as a nutritious powerhouse. 

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