Trans Fats Are In Your Food. For gut health, vitamins are the good guys and trans fats are the bad guys.

Find out how your diet affects belly fat and look into changes you can make to your diet that will help you burn more fat.

Learn more about activities that are designed to get rid of belly fat. Find out how important physical activity is to your trip, from high-intensity workouts to moves that focus on your core.

It's not just good for endurance; it's also very good at getting rid of belly fat. Check out some cardiovascular workouts that will help your health and burn calories.

Find out how High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help you lose belly fat faster. We'll break down the science and show you how to do HIIT workouts that work.

Find out how to do workouts that focus on your core and work out the muscles in your middle. We will talk about planks, twists, and other exercises that will help you get a strong, shaped core.

We'll talk about the benefits of using weights in your workout and bust the myth that they will make you bigger. Find out how building strength helps your body burn fat more efficiently.

Look into the often-overlooked role that sleep plays in losing belly fat. Find out how getting enough sleep affects hormones and helps your body burn fat.

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