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25 Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard to Make It a Relaxing Place

25 Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard to Make It a Relaxing Place

25 Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard to Make It a Relaxing Place: The best time to enjoy the outdoors is now, when summer is in full swing. You can relax by the pool, have a small lawn party, or eat meals in your backyard. You might want a quiet place to relax, a simple set-up for eating outside with your family, or a large area for getting together with friends.

Your backyard can be sunny or shady, wooded or open, big or small. We’ve put together some creative backyard decor ideas to help you make it the place of your dreams.

25 Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard to Make It a Relaxing Place

1. Set the Stage for Outdoor Entertaining

Use stylish plates and lamps to bring a wooden table to life. Meg Young of Cailíní Coastal uses taper candle stands of different heights and arranges them in groups of three. She then adds fresh flower arrangements on top of them.s.

2. Mix and Match Dining Chairs

There are different ways to arrange your seats. It was designed by Mary Patton, who mixed and matched wrought iron chairs. There were bright yellow chairs at each end of the table.

3. Lean Into “Less is More”

For a new look on this patio in Santa Barbara, CA, Taylor Anne Bliss of Taylor Anne Interiors picked a striped umbrella to hold it down. “A whimsical umbrella surrounded by a neutral palette gives life to any small patio space,” says Bliss.

4. Illuminate Your Space With Lanterns

Choose a round seating setup for a cosy look that makes people want to talk. Ryan and Kate Gross of Kate Anne Design say to hang bamboo lanterns with bulbs that can be dimmed to make the area look better.

5. Make Room (in Your Budget) for a Fireplace

Don’t stay inside on cool nights. “All three sets of chairs facing inward,” says Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors, as you gather around an outdoor bonfire or fire table.

6. Arrange an Outdoor “Living Wall”

To make your porch look newer, hang potted plants on a blank wall like this picture by interior designer Tori Rubinson. Choose a wall that is easy to see from a sitting area outside, and then fill the pots with herbs or plants that grow in a spiralling style that don’t need much care.

25 Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Backyard to Make It a Relaxing Place

7. Set Up Poolside Seating

Set up your dining room furniture right next to the water to enjoy the summer. To make the perfect escape, pick natural materials that go well with the plants around you, like a table and chairs made of weather-treated wood.

8. Add Some Lawn Games

Get your friends and family together for a game of corn hole, but don’t skimp on the decorations. Add things like candles and a stylish woven chair that can be used for short breaks when the games get tough.

9. Create an Intimate Vibe With Furniture

Set up the chairs so that people can talk to each other, and add extra tables and stools for extra sitting. Tim Pfeiffer of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer says, “The size of the furniture helps set the mood of place and closeness.”

10. Create an Outdoor Counter

Treaty-wood tops and 4×4 pieces of wood can be used to make a cheap outdoor bar. Designer Maggie Gryphon says to add pops of colour to “balance the expanse of wood tones and draw the eye from the interior of the home to the exterior living areas seamlessly.”

11. DIY Raised Garden Beds

Put wood garden beds along the edge of your yard to add lots of plants to a place where you can eat outside. Ashley Goldman of The Gold Hive puts flowers and fruit trees here to add some colour.

12. Opt for Comfortable Seating

Pillows on top of padded eating chairs will make people want to stay for a while. String lights up high will let them relax all night.\

13. Build a Pergola

If you want to add some shade or make your backyard feel more like a “outdoor room,” a pergola is a great way to do it. Yardzen, an online landscape planner, sets up a dining area with a wood pergola in one half of this yard.

14. Cozy Up in a Canopy Bed

Make a dreamy place to take a nap outside, like this handmade bed with a sheepskin cover. “We added the rattan seating on the opposite side along with an area rug to pull everything together for a relaxed outdoor living space,” states designer Tammy Price.

15. Make It Romantic

Put the table in a quiet part of your garden for a romantic dinner for two or a small family get-together. Next, put up some string lights to make the setting right.

16. Use Furniture to Break Up Spaces

Set up different areas in the backyard, such as one for relaxing, eating, drinking, and playing games, so that the space flows naturally. Rugs outside are a great way to make each area different.

17. Brighten the Space With a Mirror

You might not believe it, but mirrors aren’t just for inside. Adding a stylish mirror to a plain white wall is an easy way to make it look different right away.

18. Craft an Outdoor Living Room

As long as you follow the same style rules, you can bring your living room outside. It’s enough to have soft lighting, comfortable chairs, and plants in pots.

19. Hang String Lights

Hang some simple string lights above your outdoor eating table to set the mood. Don’t stop there, though. For even more warmth, add an over-sized rug like the one in Jaclyn Johnson’s home on Create & Cultivate.

20. Go for Sculptural Furniture

Less is sometimes more, especially when nature is the background. In this case, the concrete furniture makes the room more interesting, but the beautiful tree really steals the show.

21. Hang a Pocket Planter

Put plants in an over-the-door shoe holder that you hang on the fence for a fun take on a vertical planter.

22. Try a Black and White Palette

Black and white doesn’t need to be dull. The founder of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, worked with interior designer Ginny Macdonald to make her outdoor space as comfortable as possible. The space is picture-perfect, thanks to a sleek fire pit and weaved details.

23. Use Woven Accessories

A simple styling tip can make your outdoor area look extra special. The best example? Impress your friends by putting easy desserts and refreshing drinks on a woven tray.

24. Craft a Cozy Dining Space

Love nothing more than eating outside? Set up a comfortable place to eat with lanterns, soft throws, and colourful pillows.

25. Build a Tree House

Your kids will love a tree house, and it will also look nice. They’ll want to hide out in it all summer.

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