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25 Living Room Ideas You’ll Love Recreating

25 Living Room Ideas You'll Love Recreating

25 Living Room Ideas You’ll Love Recreating: A well-decorated living room not only looks great, but it can also help you relax and get things done. The living room should feel warm and inviting, whether you’re having guests over, watching TV with your family, or taking a nap in the afternoon.

And a style that is too busy or plain will get in the way fast. We’ve put together a list of beautiful, doable living room ideas that will go with any style of home.

25 Living Room Ideas You’ll Love Recreating

1. Try a Two-Tone Wall

Don’t just paint one colour on the walls; paint them two colours that are very different from each other. Designer Meredith Owen uses a light, creamy colour on top and a darker blue colour on the bottom to draw attention to the high ceilings.

3. Layer in Loads of Texture

Don’t skimp on soft fabrics in the living room; it should feel cosy. Amanda West, a blogger, uses throw pillows, blankets, ottomans, and curtains to add neutral textures and soft designs to this room.

3. Embrace a Moody Hue

Dark walls, furniture, and decorations can help you make a cosy hideaway. Here, Anastasia Casey of The Interior Collective goes for a monochrome look by matching the couch to the wall. A neutral area rug, on the other hand, makes the room feel lighter.

4. Pull Off Maximalism

This maximalist room from Blueberry Jones Design has zebra arm chairs, geometric wallpaper, wood wall panelling, green fringed ottomans, and ottomans with odd shapes. All of these things are connected in some way.

5. Hang Curtains High

Hang thin curtains at least six inches above the top of your window frames to make the room look bigger. We really like that Kristin Harrison of Bungalow 10 Interiors picked a dark brown colour.

6.Install a Rotating Bookshelf

Not sure where to put your TV and bookshelves? The white room was created by Martha O’Hara Interiors and has a custom rotating cabinet that holds the TV and shelves for other items. This is a great way to change the theme of the living room from season to season.

7. Build a Window Seat

A cute window seat can be added to give you more space to sit and enjoy the view or a good book. Collected Interiors, a design company, uses similar throw pillows on couches nearby to make the room look like it all goes together.

25 Living Room Ideas You'll Love Recreating

8. Invest in a Cloud-Like Couch

A popular type of living room couch is still one with a low profile and big cushions. Add extra pillows, like this design and build company Cedar & Oak does, for the most comfort.

9. Upgrade an Original Fireplace

In this Los Angeles home from the 1930s, designer Candace Shure changed the stone in the room’s main point to decorative tiling to make it stand out more.

10.Create a Multipurpose Space

Heather Hilliard, an interior designer, set up this sitting room in a way that makes it useful for more than one thing. You can work, eat, relax, and do other things in this area.

11. Celebrate Curves

Use curved sofas, arm chairs, and coffee tables to make the most of the curved furniture trend that is still going strong in 2024. Design West adds a one-of-a-kind wall show made of small round bowls in this case.

12. Add Shelving Around the TV

Having open shelves around the TV is one of the best ways to decorate it, and we love how designer Meredith Owen chooses light wood shelves to add a touch of warmth.

13. Go for a Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables, like this two-tier wooden design, work well with sectional sofas, making it easier to maneuver around the space. Whether it’s books, vases or bowls, draw styling inspiration from The Residency Bureau.

14. Paint a Striped Ceiling

You can change the look of the “fifth wall” by painting it with straight lines or putting up coloured wallpaper. Bring in some striped throw pillows to make it all fit together.

15. Choose Tufted Leather Sofas

This living room by Maggie Gryphon Design looks old because of the leather chairs, like this one with rolled arms, button tufting, and a shape that looks like an old Chesterfield.

16. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

A wall of bookshelves adds interest right away and is a great place to show off important things. This is where Regan Baker shows off her books, art, and food.

17. Bring in Warm Whites

There are a lot of different shades of white that you can use inside. Jessica Nelson, the designer, chooses warm and creamy colours for this room to make it feel cosier.

18. Buy a Coffee Table With Storage

There is a lot of storage space in this big, square coffee table, with built-in cubbies that designer Caitlin Kah uses to show off nautical books to keep the design nautical.

19. Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living

Katie Davis, a designer, makes this sunroom into a second living room by adding a large sectional couch, two Palecek chairs, and a big ottoman.

20. Add Wood Slats to the Fireplace

Putting slatted wood over an old brick stove will make it look more modern. Here, The Residency Bureau also uses the same wood to build cabinets next to each other.

21.Consider Cool Gray

Thanks to Maureen Stevens, the sitting room in this Victorian home from the 1920s is light and stylish. Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl goes well with the room’s bright white trim and arched ceiling, which are over a hundred years old.

22. Opt for a Hot Pink Sofa

A simple sofa is always a good choice, but this hot pink one is a maximalist’s dream. Along with the black glossy walls covered in books, the tufted couch makes a statement.

23. Pair Crisp Whites With Wood Accents

The mix of warm woods and clean whites is cosy and classy. Designer Cortney Bishop adds wood elements to this dreamy room, like the coffee table, which goes well with the wood ceiling.

24.Arrange Books by Color

If your collection of books keeps growing, show them off! The best place? Putting the TV in its frame. This cosy living room got a navy blue handmade bookcase from Arditi Design. The room’s main point is the group of color-coded books and accessories that go with them.

25. Design a Vintage-Inspired Gallery Wall

A living room is a great place to show off unique family heirlooms and old things that you’ve found over time. Choose a dark background for your collection of drawings and oddities to make them stand out even more. Alex Kaehler, the designer, picked a deep green colour for this basement clubhouse.

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