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21 Best Bedroom Design Ideas, No Matter Your Personal Style

21 Best Bedroom Design Ideas, No Matter Your Personal Style:Design matters when it comes to bedrooms. A well-thought-out layout can help you relax and sleep through the night. Your bedroom should feel like a personal haven, even if it’s not very big. The colours, textures, and furniture that help you relax should make this happen.

This list of the best bedroom ideas will help you make your dream retreat, no matter what style you like—rustic, modern, country, boho, and more.

We have a mix of dream bedroom designs and easy, low-cost do-it-yourself projects for you, whether you’re remodelling your master bedroom, decorating a small bedroom, or even making the kids’ rooms better.

Warm wood panelling, painted ceilings, and alcoves that are meant to be there are all big ideas. You could paint your own headboard, add pops of design, or repaint an old dresser for a simple weekend project. Change the rugs in the rooms, put up new lights, or hang new curtains. Along with new ideas, we also talk about how to reuse old things like old bed frames, sliding barn doors, and arched window frames.

21 Best Bedroom Design Ideas, No Matter Your Personal Style

1. Paint a Wall-to-Wall Headboard

Use a deep colour on the wall and frame behind a bed to make it look like a piece of furniture. Designer Julie Rose painted a ¼-inch black line around this happy green (Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green) to draw attention to it.

2. Incorporate Soft Black

As with any dark colour, try something new when it comes to clothing, furniture, or paint. This calm room, which was designed by Candace Shure, is finished with Sherwin-Williams’ Web Grey in a flat finish. “The richness was exactly what the room needed to create that moody vibe,” says Shure.

3. Decorate Open Shelving

A beautiful Japanese screen is the main focus of this bedroom, and the ebony-stained shelves on either side of the bed go well with it. Victoria Sheffield, the designer, took down the upper drawers and put in wood shelves to show off things like vases and dishes.

4. Spark Imagination in Kids’ Bedrooms

Designer Ryann Swan says that this boy’s bedroom is made to grow with him over time and spark creativity. It has full-size bunk beds and fun Bien Fait animal-print wallpaper.

5. Build a Ladder Clothing Rack

Putting a clothes rack out in the open can turn your closet into room decor. You’ll need two stairs, two wooden planks for the shoe racks, and a wooden rod to hang your clothes on to get this sleek look.

6. Put an Reading Chair in the Corner

For example, this striped couch in the corner could be your place to curl up with a book. Niels Howard Ossi, the designer, adds cool, calm colours to this cosy bedroom, such as floral bedding and curtains with patterns in blue and green.

21 Best Bedroom Design Ideas, No Matter Your Personal Style

7. Rely on Warm Neutrals

If you like warm colours more than cool ones, add earthy colours like beige, brown, and tan pinks. To keep the room in balance, designer Lindye Galloway adds texture, warm woods, and a wallpapered wall with flowers.

8. Cover Walls in Paneling

Putting white wood panelling all the way to the ceiling will give your home a modern country feel. This looks great with exposed beams and ceilings. Liz Williams Interiors adds a taper light chandelier and a canopy bed to the vintage-style room to make it look better.

9. Weave in Warm Woods

Warm woods are hip in 2024, and they’ll be seen everywhere from kitchens to beds. This is mostly because they make rooms feel cosier. Like Emily Henderson, a designer, you should start with a wood bed frame and nightstands that match.

10. Add Pops of Pattern

If you like basic colours that will never go out of style, don’t miss the chance to add some fun. In this case, lamp shades are made from a flower fabric, throw pillows are made from striped fabric, and a geometric throw blanket is put at the foot of the bed.

11. Let an Area Rug Be the Focal

Like JAM does, draw attention to a beautiful area rug under the bed. If you’re decorating an apartment and can’t change the floors or walls, this is a great idea.

12. Think Shades of Blue

Blue is often used in bedrooms because it makes people feel calm, peaceful, and at ease. Use a shade of blue, from teal to navy, to make your own oasis feel more relaxing.

13. Choose Timeless White Bedding

This white bed looks like it belongs in a high-end hotel; it’s bright, clean, and well-kept. An area mat with shapes is added by Morse Design to add some colour.

14. Put Your Bed Into an Alcove

Make a small nook the exact size of your bed frame if you have extra space. This is an easy way to make sure you have more floor space. We love how Studio Munroe spreads out the stripes on the wall and hangs three works inside the cove.

15. Create Contrast With Black Details

Add some contrast to a bedroom that is all white by adding things that are dark black. She paints the window bars black, hangs a dark curtain rod, and chooses a black bed frame in this room.

16. Try a Cabin-Chic Style

Such as the architecture and interior design firm JAM has done here, you can make exposed wood walls a design statement. Add different textures to the room to make it feel cosier. For example, use fake fur rugs, soft bedding, and lots of throw pillows.

17. Hang Luxe Curtains

Don’t ever forget how powerful bedroom curtains can be. Hang them high to make the room look bigger, and let the water pool on the floor for a fancy look. Designer Amy Sklar uses light pink curtains on a gold rod to tie the colours in this bedroom together.

18. DIY Your Dresser

This writer changed the look of her plain bedroom dresser by adding scrap paper, Plaid Royal Coat Decoupage, and a copy of one of her favourite photos to the blueprint. You can do it at home for less money because you only need five things.

19. Choose Symmetrical Furniture

The owner of Banner Day Interiors, Clara Jung, thought about symmetry when she put together this grey bedroom. The room feels like it goes together because of the sets of wooden nightstands, table lamps, and mirrors.

20. Pair Black and Green for a Dramatic Retreat

A colour scheme of black and green can look classy or casual. Set your bed against a green wall and paint the bookshelves and other details, like a wall sconce, a moody black.

21. Reuse Arched Window Frames

Before you throw away your old window frames, think about it. An arched window like this can add character and a rustic feel to a bedroom instead of a standard headboard.

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