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20 Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Steal ASAP

20 Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Steal ASAP

20 Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Steal ASAP: People walk through your living room more than any other room in your house. This room has to look good and work well because you use it all the time, whether you’re sitting on your sectional sofa to watch TV or having people over.

To make a living room that will last, you should focus on usefulness, style, and quality when you design it. As styles change, it’s important to make your living room look good and make you feel comfortable.

20 Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Steal ASAP


1. Play With Neutrals: 

Add some textures to your soft white living room to make it look new again. Designer Sharon Rembaum did just that by using textured pieces in a neutral colour scheme to make this living room feel cosier.

2. Aim for the Sky

Liz Hoekzema created this large living room with two ceilings. The chimney has a hand-applied lime wash treatment that adds warmth and texture. “We love the wabi-sabi informality it lends, especially compared with the richness of the soapstone fireplace surround,” Hoekzema states.

3. Deepen the Tones

Don’t use bright colours if you want your living room to have a hot and dark vibe. This beautiful room has green limewash walls, a terracotta velvet sofa, and striking teal accents. It’s a great place to get away from bright colours.

4. Add Unique Seating

A classic that can be used for many things, a nap bench can make sitting in your living room look even better. A Serena & Lily rattan piece is used by designer Zoë Feldman to divide the 2022 Whole Home’s big living area without getting in the way of the sculptured window. A Sanderson cloth on the cushion makes it look like it was made just for you.

20 Living Room Decorating Ideas You'll Want to Steal ASAP

5. Play the Piano

Get the most out of your living room with a home bar stocked with your favorites. Designer John Fondas turned a shallow closet into an out-of-the-way bar nook with tons of wall storage by removing the doors and building-in cabinets as well as side shelves. The nautical and aquatic motifs are perfect for a Palm Beach party house.

6. Refresh With Accent Paint

This dark blue-green colour looks great in a corner of Avery Cox’s living room. The stylish design is strong enough to stand out against the deep green velvet and the many fun prints. So that a matching wallpaper could be put up on the other side, she only painted one wall, along with the door and mouldings.

7. Put a Record On

Victoria Sass of Project Refuge Studio snuck a record player into the corner of this texture-rich and minimalist living room. It opens right up into the kitchen, where the side of the island facing the sitting area contains ample exposed shelving for an extensive record collection.

8. Display Old Books

There’s just something about old books that instantly makes a room feel more personal. Whether you collect used books or you’ve inherited some, display them on an exposed shelving unit so they can shine. In this living room designed by Oliver Thornton, they add character and speak to the layered warmth of the furnishings.

9. Build a Bar

With your favourite drinks in the house bar, you can get the most out of your living room. Without the doors, designer John Fondas turned a small closet into a bar nook out of the way with lots of wall storage by adding cabinets and side shelves. The seafaring and water themes look great in a party house in Palm Beach.

10. Warm Up Walls With Wood

In this sitting room, designer Nicole Dohmen put down hardwood floors with a Hungarian point pattern. As you can see, this is a complicated and classic parquet floor design that looks great with modern furniture and geometric patterns. The fun doesn’t end there, though! Dohmen also added wood pieces to the walls to make them feel even warmer.

11. Balance Hard Materials With Soft Ones

If your living room has lots of glass and hardwood or stone tile floors like this one by Caroline Turner, add soft, velvety furniture and rich fabrics in jewel tones to make it feel cosier. A statement light can also help make the high ceilings look less intimidating.

12. Enhance a Bakyard View

Designer Nestor Santa Cruz chose a wall of steel and glass windows and doors for this formal living room in the pool house that leads to the backyard. He did this with the help of landscape planner Lila Fendrick. From the overhead light to the coffee table and doors, everything is made of glass. It gives the room a very sleek look, but the soft rug and ethereal curtains make it feel even cosier.

13. Dabble In Nostalgia

Adopt retro styles and used furniture, like this chaise in an Amity Worrel-designed living room that feels both nostalgic and up-to-date. When you mix classic prints like flowers, gingham, and plaid with modern accents and art, the old prints take on a whole new meaning.

14.Work Around Restrictions

Designer Celerie Kemble moved into this apartment in New York City. There was only one thing that kept it from being perfect: the building didn’t allow wallpaper. She got around that problem by painting the wall a light shade of pink with a finish that looks like plaster and has the feel of wallpaper.

15. Mix Clean Lines With Casual Materials

Devin Kirk, a designer, has a sitting room with a light blue-gray colour scheme and clean-lined furniture. The woven chairs, light wood side table, and tree stump coffee table create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s just the right amount of friendly and professional.

16. Incorporate Fun Trees and Plants

Adorn your living room with strange indoor plants and trees that look like they belong outside. Designer Elizabeth Cooper put lush lemon tree in the corner to add some extra colour and life, and then she put bunch of different-sized topiaries on the window sill.

17. Create Zones With Area Rugs

The sitting room is right next to the open kitchen, so designer Regan Baker put in a custom couch and an area rug to make it look like it was separate. A sleek armchair is placed on an angle, which makes the whole look nice and balanced.

18. Add Personality With Texture-Rich Neutrals

A quirky indoor tree is s fun surprise in this polished and cosmopolitan living room designed by Shawn Henderson. And, instead of a classic white or warm off-white paint color, he opted for a cooler gray neutral that complements the other subtle tones throughout the room. This also allows the texture-rich accents to shine.

19. Extend It Outdoors

This vacation home in Maui, Hawaii, is a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor life. The sliding door between the two living areas, which was designed by Breeze Giannasio Interiors, disappears when it’s open, making the terrace outside and the living room inside completely linked. The fabrics, colours, and elements are all put together so that the whole thing looks good.

20. Transform a Generic Space With Texture

Get ideas from this living room that was designed by David Frazier if you live in standard rental or just have small area. It not only shows that size isn’t everything, but it also has lot of tricks that make simple building more interesting. The monochromatic colour scheme is broken up by pops of marigold that go with the warm antique wood pieces.

 The big rice paper pendant keeps things casual so it can be used as more casual family room. gallery wall, big indoor plant, and curtain rod that goes all the way to the top give the room more depth.

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