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20 Dressing Room Ideas to Make Your Life More Glamorous

20 Dressing Room Ideas to Make Your Life More Glamorous: Making room for a home dressing room, like a walk-in closet or a separate room, makes getting ready for the day faster, more fun and more glamorous.

Check out these stylish home dressing rooms that come in different sizes and styles to get ideas for your own place that looks like a boutique.

20 Dressing Room Ideas to Make Your Life More Glamorous

1. Hang a Chandelier

Marie Flanigan Interiors’ dressing room is bright and airy, and the modern chandelier hanging over the island in the middle is the room’s main feature. Combining open and closed storage hides unwanted items while still giving you lots of room to show off your favourite and most-used items.

2. Embrace Your Curves

Built just for you, this dressing room from BHDM Design has open shelves that follow the curves of the room and dresser drawers that are built in. Roman shades and carpeting make the room feel softer, a tall vase of branches adds a natural touch, and a pendant light in the style of an old lamp hangs over the centre island. The black top of the pendant light matches the metal grid casement windows.

3. Add Color and Pattern

This studio Peake dressing room is shaped like a galley and isn’t very big. It has both open and closed storage, a row of woven baskets on top to hide clutter, and bright colours all over, from the zigzag rug to the cushioned pouffe.

4. Display Signature Pieces

People often think of dressing rooms as huge closets full of clothes, but a dressing room can also be something easy that makes getting dressed feel more intentional. Leanne Ford Interiors designed this small, all-white, light-filled dressing room. It has a thin long chest of drawers for storing clothes and accessories that can be folded up, a small vintage stool for sitting on to take off your shoes, and a simple tension rod for hanging a collection of beige and golden dresses that look great on hangers as well as on you.

20 Dressing Room Ideas to Make Your Life More Glamorous

5. Backlight It

Laura Cattano Organisational Design’s well-kept and perfectly symmetrical dressing room has open shelves lit from behind with LED lights that make it feel like a home shop.

6. Install a Three-Way Mirror

Heather Hilliard Design made this impressive custom home dressing room that feels like a shop. It has sleek built-in shelves, a comfortable seating area, and a three-way mirror that looks like it belongs in a department store.

7. Add a Waterfall Island

This dressing room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Mel Bean Interiors has storage from floor to ceiling that goes around the room to hold clothes, shoes, and accessories. There is also big waterfall island with dramatic stone pattern that serves as the room’s focal point.

8. Create a Neutral Base

This dressing room from Marie Flanigan Interiors has beige carpeting and U-shaped built-ins made of blonde wood. The bland background lets the rainbow of pastel dress shirts take centre stage.

9. Green the Walls

The dark green walls in this calm dressing room from Candace Mary Interiors match the walls of the main bedroom next door. The chest of drawers in the middle of the room looks like the tall white-painted wardrobes with Shaker-style fronts and gold-toned handles. Soft light comes from a pendant light with a cloth shade, and there is a big standing mirror by the window where you can look at your outfit before you leave.

10. Customize Your Shoe Shelf

Marie Flanigan Interiors designed this dressing room with a custom-built wall that goes from floor to ceiling and has shoe storage for flats and heels. There is also a shelf at the bottom for tall boots.

11. Use Black Storage Units

The walls and floors of this simple Miami beach dressing room from House of One are a soft grey, and the open shelves and furniture are made of light wood. The black shelving and furniture look great with the colourful shirts and shoes in the closet.

12.Wrap the Walls

This dressing room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Mel Bean Interiors looks very put together thanks to its low-pile grey grasscloth walls and rugs. The back wall has a narrow desk pushed up against it. A round brass-framed mirror adds light and depth to the room. Two cushioned stools that match give you a place to put your shoes on.

13. Add Mirror Doors

These small but perfectly designed wardrobe doors with mirror fronts help reflect light from the window across the room and make it look like there is twice as much space.

14. Erect a Trophy Wall

Grey Space Interiors designed this modern New Jersey home’s dressing room. It has a high window for natural light, a frameless leaning wall mirror, a blingy gold table/bench and a wall of custom-built open shelves that show off a huge collection of colourful trainers.

15. Add Wallpaper

Blog owner Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona turned a large closet in her daughter’s first bedroom into a stylish dressing room with bird-patterned wallpaper, a desk and gilded accessories.

16. Light the Baseboards

Chango & Co. designed this large dressing room with custom lighting on the bottom of the centre island that makes it look like it floats in the middle of the room.

17. Include a Window Seat

This dressing room from Britt Design Studio is a grown-up Barbie fantasy with its soft pink walls, blown glass bubble pendant light, copious built-in storage, and a window seat under the arched window that turns it into a place to hang out with friends drinking Champagne before a big night out.

18. Revamp a Walk-In Closet

Casa Watkins Living turned a large walk-in closet into a mini dressing room, adding floor-to-ceiling shelving to maximize space, and rods for clothing, shoes, and accessories. A Persian-style runner, a gold-rimmed mirror that reflects natural light from the bedroom window, and a thrift store rattan chair makes it feel like a secret room.

19. Keep It Open

Leanne Ford Interiors designed this bright, all-white dressing room. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are displayed on simple open shelves and a hanging rod. A sparkling chandelier and a few bright photos add some style. People who like to keep things in order and like to look at their clothes could put this together in a dressing room or along one wall of their bedroom.

20. Leave Some Room

Alvin Wayne, an interior designer, made the most of vertical space by using floor-to-ceiling open shelves to store things and leave plenty of room for more. This lets clothes and accessories stand out and gives the room a clean look. The room and wardrobe are a soft, warm brown and beige colour scheme that makes for a calm, neutral background for getting ready or relaxing after a long day.

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