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15 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

15 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love: The fun part of planning a bathroom is picking out the finishes and fixtures, but you should make big decisions about how to make the space work best before you think about the smaller details.

To plan a bathroom well, you have to make important choices about how the room works and flows while taking into account the space you have. This means you have to think about things like how to make the shower as comfortable and useful as possible. Where to put the bathtub if you want one and have the room for it.

What kind of desk and what size you can fit in your bathroom. How to work around where windows are already placed to get the most natural light and air flow. What kind of door gives you the most privacy and ease of use, or if you have a main suite, whether you should even put in a door.

15 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

1. Open Plan

Cathie Hong, an interior designer from Cathie Hong Interiors, designed this bold, simple open plan double shower and bath. The glass doors can be left open to let in as much light and air as possible from the wrap-around windows, or they can be closed to keep shower splashes from getting in. There are two showerheads, one on each side of the self-contained bathroom, which keep the attention on the tub and the view.

2. Double Wall-Mounted Sinks

A built-in double sink isn’t necessary in every shared bathroom. This JL Design bathroom is shared by two kids. The matching wall-mounted industrial sinks are hung at a child-friendly height so that each child has their own area.

3. Wall Tile

Covering bathroom walls with floor-to-ceiling tile or stone has become a popular design style. This is practical for cleaning and looks good because it draws the eye upward, making bathrooms feel bigger. A black stone slab covers the far wall of this high-end bathroom in a Chicago skyscraper, making it a dramatic focal point. The bathroom was designed by Alexis Bednyak Design and Searl Lamaster Howe Architects. For a different look, pale stone shower tiles go all the way to the roof.

4. Lighting

As with any room design, getting the right lighting is important. But bathroom lighting is often harsh and unpleasant, which is the last thing you want in that room. LED backlighting gives a sleek built-in wall-to-wall shower area in this bathroom by Rhianna Jones of Tidal Interiors a glamorous look. The ambient light makes a relaxing glow for showers at night and adds more light to a room that doesn’t get much natural light. If you want to add light to your shower, you should get help from a professional who can make sure it’s safe and waterproof.

5. Upcycled Vanity

If you want to make your own bathroom cabinet, you could use an old or vintage piece of wood furniture and add a sink and a waterproof top. Abbie Naber of A. Naber Design, an interior designer, turned a midcentury modern buffet into a stylish bathroom cabinet with lots of storage space.

6. Dutch Door

This bathroom was designed by Jessica Risko Smith of JRS ID and is very light, bright and elegant. It has a mix of all-white finishes that are warmed up by brass fixtures and fancy lighting. The real show-stopper, though, is a Dutch door that leads to the outside and has a top part that can be swung open to let in more light and air.

7. Industrial Partition

There is no need to stick to a single style when planning a bathroom. Lisa Gilmore, an interior designer at Lisa Gilmore Design, made this unusual bathroom. The large shower is separated from the rest of the room by a bold black metal grid glass wall. This industrial design feature stands out against the bathroom’s smooth, soft finishes, like the patterned tile and floral wallpaper.

20 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Love

8. Wall Tile Surround

A floor-to-ceiling tile backsplash outlined the area of this small bathroom that has both a shower and a soaking tub designed by Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. The showerhead is hung from the ceiling over the tub so that it doesn’t get in the way. On one side, a towel hook hangs, and on the other, there are built-in nooks. The designer didn’t add a shower screen to keep the room feeling open.

9. Pass Through

To make it easier to move around and see, leave the middle lane clear in a long, narrow bathroom that is set up like a hallway. With a coat of minty green paint, Desiree Burns of Desiree Burns Interiors made this pass-through bathroom feel unique. The colour is fresh without drawing too much attention to itself.

10. Divided

Many people like open-plan bathrooms, but there are times when a shared bathroom with separate areas that can be used for privacy is better. This is the case with Emily Henderson’s bathroom from Emily Henderson Design.

11. Windows

It’s nice to have a bathroom that lets in natural light. A pair of windows let in a lot of natural light into this marble tile shower in a California bathroom designed by Lori Gentile Interior Design. A built-in window bench makes a nice spot to shave your legs or wait for your hair mask to soak in.

12. Double Shower

A wall of graphically patterned tiles makes it almost impossible to see the two showerheads in this large bathroom designed by Jessica Risko Smith of JRS ID. The tub is tucked under the windows, and a wall of clear glass shower doors almost disappears to keep water from splashing and make the most of the room for a big soaking tub.

13. Ledge

Mindy Gayer, an interior designer with Mindy Gayer Design Co., added a built-in shelf that holds the wiring for the big soaking tub. But this useful design choice also gives you a way to show off your decorations and accessories and a place to rest your wine glass if you like to drink something in the tub.

14. Double Niche

Why build one bathroom niche when you can have two? This bathroom from Malcolm Simmons, a writer to Emily Henderson Design, has two, which are great for sharing or keeping everyday items separate from items for a once-a-week home spa day.

15. Framed Perspectives

Adding lines of sight and different points of view can make a small room feel bigger and a large space more interesting. Rhianna Jones of Tidal Interiors, an interior designer, added a wood-clad, inset nook over the big double vanity in this large California bathroom. The nook has soft backlighting and a wide mirror that reflects the view and natural light from the sliding glass doors across the room.

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