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15 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours

15 Kitchens That'll Make You Want to Redo Yours

15 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours: Your kitchen is likely the most used room in the entire house (and if it’s not, we’re about to change that with these irresistible remodeling ideas!), so it should be designed in a way that makes life easier, comfier, and chicer. Aside from functioning appliances, a kitchen design you’ll love for years to come is of utmost importance.

So whether you’re renovating or simply looking for some inspiration to make yours more efficient, we’re sharing 95 kitchen design ideas that will help you optimize your own—and the best lessons to take from them. From country casual to sleek and modern—and literally everything in between–we’ve got all the kitchen remodel inspiration you could ever need.

Gorgeous countertops, unique backsplashes, and statement lighting, we’re coming for you. And if you’re looking for kitchen layout advice, keep scrolling to the end for a breakdown of the best kitchen layouts and shapes.

15 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours

1. Choose an Unfussy Backsplash

Liz Lange lives in New York City and her kitchen isn’t very big, but she wanted it to feel as light and airy as possible even though it wasn’t very big. “Rather than going pre-war in its aesthetic, we gutted it and went very clean and modern,” she shares. She used white lacquer on all the cabinets that didn’t have hardware and white plaster paint on the backsplash, which doesn’t look too fancy or precious.

2. Personalize IKEA Cabinets

Those chairs and other fun old items that designer Cameron Schwabenton added to this kitchen gave it a lot of energy. The shiny dark blue cabinets came from IKEA, but Schwabenton gave them a unique look by adding brass hardware. For more examples and ideas of how to make over an IKEA kitchen.

3.Remodel Cabinet Uppers to Optimize Storage

If your kitchen wall is full of windows, you might want to add some pretty treatments that don’t completely block the light, like cafe curtains. Also, make sure that your lower cabinets have enough space for most of your storage needs. You won’t have to line the wall with uppers this way. Put in one key column instead. Heidi Caillier changed the open shelves so they could hold art, recipes, plates, and cups.

4. Draw the Eye Up

Mallory Kaye, a designer, brought this ranch house kitchen up to date while still letting the original building stand out. She used high-end finishes, practical fabrics, and a smart plan to make the room last through the rough and tumble of young children and work hard for family life. An adobe-style clay hood and a skylight that runs the length of the room and fills it with natural light draw the eye up.

5. Mix Lively and Moody Colors

Benjamin Moore’s Soft Chinchilla was chosen by artist Garrow Kedigian from New York City to give the kitchen cabinets a light and happy vibe. “I like my kitchens to feel like rooms, not just places to do things,” says Kedigian. “That’s why I always tell my clients to paint their kitchens a bright colour.” For a smooth look, the wall and counters are both made of black granite from SMC Stone.

6. Make It Personal

Cate Dunning designed this kitchen. The matte greige painted cabinets and dark stone countertops stand out against the shiny herringbone tiles. The floor tiles have a custom mosaic design that looks like it came from an old-school Parisian bistro. Personal touches are also used in large amounts, which makes sense since this was the designer’s grandmother’s house!

15 Kitchens That'll Make You Want to Redo Yours

7. Embrace the Place

Elizabeth Hay designed this thatched house from the 1600s. The walls, beams, and ceilings are painted in Little Greene’s White Lead, and the cabinets are painted in a rich Edward Bulmer Invisible Green. An arrangement of flowers by Rambling Rose makes the English country style look better.”Being a typical Devon cottage, it was already very charming, but the colours weren’t very bright.”

8. Utilize Every Inch of Space

Kate Arends had to give up wall space for the big picture windows, but it was well worth it because they let in so much natural light and give her a great view of the forest. Because there wasn’t any wall space, Arends made the lower drawers extra deep and hung pots and pans from the drop-down ceiling to make up for it. A lazy Susan holds food supplies.

9.Consider the Whole Home

As Nicole Dohmen of Atelier ND began to redo this kitchen, she only had one rule: “No more pink!” Because the rest of the house is mostly pink, I chose earthy colours for the cabinets so that the kitchen wouldn’t look too pink and would still match the other rooms. The counter and floor tiles made of Calacatta marble still have violet tones, and the ceiling is a dusty blush colour.

10. Hang Fruit from the Ceiling

To bring out the home’s period details, Francesca Grace updated the decor with new wallpaper, light fixtures, old items, and other items. We love how fun the fruit basket is and how it keeps the counters clean.

11. Grow Flowers By a Window

A grey tone adds a little something different to the classic blue and white colour scheme in this kitchen created by Alexandra Kaehler. A light blue grasscloth vinyl wallcovering looks great with the colour of the cabinets. “We didn’t want it to feel like a standard car,” says Kaehler. Then she made sure everyone was in a good mood by planting new flowers next to the window.

12. Stick to the Room’s Roots

This house on Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills was built in the 1970s. It was planned by Ikuyo Tagawa, a Japanese American architect from the area. The interior design company BHDM made some modern changes while keeping the building’s original style.

13.Use Statement Fabric for Seating

Beautiful country style home designed by Kristin Fine has a modern twist thanks to glossy zellige tiles on the walls, Calacatta marble from ABC Stone on the counters, and vintage opaline pendants, black flush mounts, and vintage stools that were reupholstered in a mossy Pierre Frey fabric. The uncovered beams keep the home’s country roots, and the light green colours honour the views of the forest outside.

14. Make It Feel Extra Homey

Even if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light, it can still feel bright and happy. It’s clear from the happy yellow wallpaper in Shavonda Gardner’s kitchen. Unlacquered copper pots, soapstone countertops that quickly patina, and a simple central eating table instead of a kitchen island give the kitchen a lived-in feel that makes everyone feel right at home.

15. Place Extra Chairs in Low-Traffic Corners

Try out some fun wallpaper if the room is small. As long as you haven’t done the dishes in a while, something shiny will make the room shine. To bring out the blues in the room even more, Sheila Bridges chose a fabric that went well with the accent chairs and put them in an area that wouldn’t get much use.

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